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  Foreword and Acknowledgements 8
  Introduction 10
Chapter 1 The Beginning
Hadrian's Wall and the Northern Counties
Chapter 2 Emigration to Nidderdale in the 13th Century 13
Chapter 3 Living in Nidderdale through the Centuries
The 15th Century
Chapter 4 The 16th Century 25
Chapter 5 The 17th Century 29
Chapter 6 The 18th Century
Hardcastle Garth and the Quaker Movement
Chapter 7 The Hardcastles in the 19th and 20th Centuries 62
Chapter 8 Emigration to America 83
Chapter 9 Emigration to Canada 155
Chapter 10 Emigration to Australia and New Zealand 191
Chapter 11 Emigration to Other Countries 223
  Appendix A: Tables 243
  Appendix B: List of Illustrations, Maps and Plans 267
  Appendix C: Sources 278
  Appendix D: Subscribers 285
  Appendix E: Glossary 289

And finally ... the last word of my subscribers:

... the book of the Hardcastles is an important addition to our reference library...
(Nidderdale Museum, Pateley Bridge, England)

... so much information on the history and origin of the Hardcastle Family throughout time. It's like a personal, guided tour to nearly all the countries in the world, taking one from England to America to Australia and back. You "introduce" us to many members of this large family, telling us of their adventures and struggles as they lived throughout the ages. Splendid job, Mike, and thank you soooo much ...
(Frances Misiaszek, Connecticut, U.S.A.)

... first let me say not only did I find the content very interesting and informative but what comes through in abundance is your thoroughness and tenacity in completing what is a must be an absolute boon for any person with family links to the Hardcastle family.  It is a model for other one-name genealogists to follow.  I quickly came to the conclusion that it is a book which must be used ...
(Peter John Scott, Leeds, England)

... I am really enjoying your book, and so is my 15 year old daughter, who can't put it down.
I am particularly impressed with the amount of research you performed in writing it,
and all the graphics and illustrations ...
(Tom Hardcastle, Virginia, U.S.A.)

... we are delighted to add your book to our collection ... thank you very much ...
(Godfrey Memorial Library, Connecticut, U.S.A.)

... thank you very much for your beautifully presented book and CD ...
(The Guild of One-Name Studies, England)

... when I found our line of Hardcastles in your book, I cried ... I can never thank you enough for all your hard work and love that you put forth for this book ... we thought we were lost in the world and you opened a whole new History of Hardcastles for us ... we love you and pray you will continue to be the great person I have learned to love ...
(Bonnie Dixon, Idaho, U.S.A.)

Using the book along with the website, I got a thorough genealogy search of my ancestors, and was able to match up the names with some of the things they did.
The book is going around to my other family members. (Richard Warren, Amazon Customer)

Great research, tells me a lot about that branch of my family. (Amazon Customer)